1. Don’t litter the territory of the resort.
2. Throw the dust only into the dustbins.
3. Make thrifty use of the furniture and items of the cottages.
4. Resort Guests are liable for any damage to cottage furniture and items caused by them.
5. The Guests indemnify for any damage caused by them.
6. The Guests may roast barbecues only in barbecue grills and should not forget to put out the fire.
7. The Guests may make a fire only by Management consent.
to bring pets (dogs, cats, etc.) to the Resort;
to receive visitors who are not registered at the Resort;
to touch electricity cables, wall outlets and plungers for the purpose of disrepair elimination, as well as to change lighting appliances;
to touch the regulation handles of the geyser;
to swim in Lake Sevan in a drunken state;
to make a fire on the shore;
to swim beyond the buoys;
to swim in Lake Sevan after 10 p.m., otherwise the Management of the Resort will not be able to guarantee your safety;
to turn on loud music and make a noise after midnight;
to drive into the shore territory;
to use devices which may cause fire in the cottages.
9. For the valuable organization of your rest it is prohibited to drive in the territory of the Resort after midnight.
10. In case of appearing any disrepair or for help please turn to the manager (093)788-288.
Only in case of your observing these Regulations the Management of “Lori” Resort can ensure a pleasant and unforgettable rest.